Chakra Babe

An Illustration I did for a yoga & Fertility Book. This show the different Chakras
and their positions on the figure. this was a fun project, even if this particular
illustration didn't make the cut.


evolution of an illustration

Here is my process from start to finish.

5. add a background and we are done! DJ Neferkare Pepi II (he's real, look him up)


Here is the early version of a poster that was created to help treat depression.

in the end they went with something a little more ambiguous and stylized. 
As you can see I was having fun with gradients in Illustrator.


Start to finish

Here is the sketch that I scanned in and used as the starting point for monster number 7.
He was created in Illustrator, my favorite application!As you can see, I didn't change him much from the initial sketch. I played around with different
color and decided to go with a light teal color against a brown background. Changing colors is
pretty easy so you can always change your mind.


monster number 7

Here is a sample page from a children's book I am working on.


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